Fire Damage Repair: Things to Think About

Let’s be honest, fire damage is something no one ever wants to think about. You’re probably all familiar with the fires raging in Australia. There are also those that hit closer to home, right here in the US. While both of these examples are quite a ways from Greater Charlotte, NC and are on a much larger scale than a house fire, it still can cause one to worry. Some questions you might ask yourselves are, “What if I was confronted with the tragedy of a fire? What would I do? What would I take with me during evacuation? How would I feel afterward and how would I restore the damage done?” At Restoration 1 in Charlotte we know that while you want to avoid drowning in your worries, it’s good to occasionally think about these things so you can be prepared.

Fire Damage Repair In Charlotte

Fire Prevention

The best case scenario would be to prevent a fire from ever happening. There are certain things you can do in your home to do just that. With the increased usage of technology, there is an increased risk for fire as more combustive material is more regularly found in homes. It’s important to simply be aware of this and take caution. If a device is getting really hot, give it a break. Check cords and ensure that they are in good working condition. If there isn’t an ignition, there won’t be a fire. While in the kitchen, always be attentive while cooking. Don’t leave the stove/oven unattended. Flame retardants are a very important tool to reducing the risk of fire and should be quickly accessible in every home.

What Damage Is Done?

Most often when it comes to fires, people think about the actual fire and what it may have burned, as well as the smoke damage. That’s not all that has happened though. After fire trucks leave from putting a fire out, your home has also been contaminated with different chemicals and has a fair amount of water damage done. Whether the fire is big or small, damage will be done. Sleeping in a house that has just undergone a small fire can still be dangerous as you can still breathe in harmful fumes. Exposure to the smoke and soot following the fire can be dangerous for your health, especially to children, elderly, and people with poor immune systems.

Fire Damage Repair Professionals

There are probably many people who don’t give thought to the idea that there are fire damage repair professionals who dedicate hours to becoming knowledgeable about the fire damage repair process. Since fire damage repair is something that needs to begin immediately, most technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fire damage repair experts at Restoration 1 have a multi-step process which includes removing what can’t be repaired, cleaning smoke and soot, disinfecting and cleaning the water damage done, restoring the air quality, restoring possessions, and removing lingering odors. Our team has your best interest at heart.