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Julie Cruthers

Great services, have used them several times and would highly recommend to use them !!! I have also used them for sanitizing our offices and work spaces, they have always done a great job, been on time and very professional!!

Madi Perez

Really great experience! My family had a mold issue in our crawl space, and the team at Restoration 1 was incredible. We received very fast service and everyone was extremely professional.

Adam Hamilton

We had an issue that needed to be resolved and called Restoration 1 as they were referenced to us by another client. They responded the same day and performed a clean up of the area is a swiftly and accurately. They arrived on time as promised.

We have used them twice now and great company, professional staff, and hard working to ensure your business needs are met.

They are also reasonably priced.

Ethan DeMumbrum

The restoration crew was fantastic! They fixed my bathroom water damage in no time I was truly impressed. The workers were extremely friendly and held a high level of professionalism. I Will definitely be calling them the next time I need anything.

Luke Dobles

We used Restoration 1 to check out and fix our mold damage. It was nice to see the work done quickly and correctly. The whole experience went over very smooth and we were very pleased with their customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Matthew Lawhon

The sink in my laundry room was left on over night and caused water damage in the whole down stairs. Restoration 1 did a very speedy job with the clean up and the restoration crew was extremely friendly and I couldn't be happier with the service of restoration 1. Highly recommend!

Trevor Kleckner

The ceiling in our living was ruined due to a leak from our 2nd floor toilet. The professionalism of Restoration 1 is unmatched as they fixed everything in a timely manner. They acted very genuine around my kids and were very polite. Definitely would recommend to anyone with any type of leak.

Kate Bowring

We had a sewer backup through our basement bathroom. Restoration 1 was great! They came day of the incident and began cleaning up immediately. They worked with our insurance company adjuster and provided them all the documents needed on damages and came back daily for 4 days to check on the clean up and removed all damaged items quickly! Would definitely recommend them!