Tips For Filing Water Damage Cleanup Insurance Claims

water damage restoration monroeIf you have suffered water damage or flooding in your Monroe home, the Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte team will be available to quickly clean up your home to prevent further water damage. After Getting the ball rolling with the water restoration team, the next thing you’ll want to do is to file a home insurance claim

Quality Water Damage Restoration In Monroe

If the water damage was due to flooding, repairs will not be covered under your normal policy. If you had bought a policy more than 30 days before the flood,  you’ll need to file a claim with this separate flood insurance provider. If you are part of a weather related event, the insurance companies may be dealing with many other claims at the same time, so file now for a first-come, first-served situation.    

Many steps will happen in sequence so the quicker you file a claim, the quicker an adjuster can survey the damage. That information gets forwarded on to the home office and results in a check in your mailbox. So “the sooner, the better.” Don’t worry that you don’t have every detail ready before you start the claim- think of it as a work in progress during the cleanup process.  

Document All Damages

While you are dealing with this situation, document all the damages with photos and videos. Capture images that show the level of standing water. Keep track of every single item that was damaged by the water, don’t throw it away too early.  Wait until your insurance adjuster has had a chance to thoroughly examine them and make an assessment before tossing. The insurer will give you permission in writing when it’s OK to dispose of the items.  

Create a paper or spreadsheet “home contents list” to keep info in one central place. Make columns for the cost, age, manufacturer/model, and serial numbers if you have them. Then you can track what is salvaged and what is lost in the same document.  

Should I Even File a Claim? 

If you have made a claim in the last few years, don’t immediately  jump up to file another one. You might get dropped by your insurer and have to pay higher premiums with a new insurance company.

The best step for you to take now is to add up how much money you think you’d get from the insurer, subtract your deductible, and then decide whether it’s still worthwhile to submit the claim.

Consider changing your strategy.  If you aren’t going to submit small claims, then you shouldn’t have to pay for insurance you aren’t going to use. By increasing your deductible to $1,000 or $2,500, you could reduce your premiums by a quarter. Then you’ll avoid the temptation to submit small claims but still have the coverage for the big claims, which is what homeowners insurance really is for. In a few years, you might qualify for a claims-free discount, lowering the overall cost even more.  

Whether you use insurance, or pay out of pocket, don’t delay getting the damage repaired. When you return home to find any unexplained water in your home, let Restoration 1 be your trusted partner for water damage cleanup. They have experience and expertise in fixing your home and helping you get maximum value from your insurance provider. They will help you document the damage and support your claim.