How Does Water Damage Occur?

If you live in the greater area of Charlotte, North Carolina, you are no stranger to large amounts of water. You may not live right on the coastline, but the ocean is just a four-hour drive away. With the beauty of the ocean comes massive rainstorms, flooding, and hurricanes that can destroy your Charlotte home. If you experience any form of water damage, be sure to call your local company, Restoration 1, to restore your damaged property. Rely on these experts who are trained, certified, practiced professionals of their field. The damage may not be in your home, but rest assured – Restoration 1 can cleanup water damage in any kind of commercial or residential property. Regardless of the severity of the damage, professionals are able to use the best equipment on the market to solve current water damage issues, and to prevent additional water damage issues from occurring (such as mold growth).

What Can Get Damaged?

You may only think of carpet getting damaged from water overflow. Many parts of your home can become water damaged though. Depending on the severity of flooding or water damage, you could get damage down to the foundation of your home and even in your garage Within your home, the drywall and insulation could be damaged, possibly destroyed. Flooring can get warped and electrical systems can get fried. Heating, cooling, and gas systems may get damaged or destroyed. Any furniture, decorations, wallpaper, and paint could likely become damaged as well. To prevent further damage, get all moveable items out of the affected area as soon as possible if it is safe to do so. If water damage occurs in your home, it may be wise to take pictures of any affected areas you notice. Show the restoration professionals working with you pictures of your home in its normal state if you have them, and the pictures you took right after finding the water damage. Not all water damage is easily noticed. The professionals will be able to go in and find hidden damage that you may have missed.

Types of Damage

Some of the water that is damaging your home may be contaminated. Water that comes in contact with sewage, animals, bugs, mud, or unclean surfaces may become contaminated with harmful microorganisms. To be cautious, use safety equipment around affected areas in your home, and keep children and pets away from any water damage. A cousin of contaminated water is mold. Any type of water left alone for even 48 hours can lead to mold. Mold can be moved from your home, but is pesky to have to deal with. Besides the inconvenience of mold, it has harmful effects on your health. You may need to make temporary living arrangements to avoid mold and contaminated water while your home is being restored.

Water and metal do not always mix. Water can cause metal to rust or erode, making it weaker. Look for any areas in your home that may be eroded to assure they are in good condition and safe. Water damage is often caused by leaking or burst pipes that will need to be fixed. Also, water-soaked wood can become warped or soft.

Water damage may weaken the integrity of the structure of your home. Professionals will be able to fix all these types of damage when they come to your home, just give them a call!