Water Damage Restoration: The 3 Water Types

Just like there are different types of ice cream there are different types of water damage. There are typically three types of water damage: clean, grey, and black water damage. All of these types have the potential to become very dangerous to your health. Don’t treat any type of water damage by yourself because of the future problems that could occur. Calling a professional like Restoration 1 in Monroe will guarantee a safe restoration process

Clean Water

So, what exactly is clean water damage? You’d think no water damage is clean, right? Well, though that is mostly true, it’s dependent on the kind of water caused damage and the amount of contamination in the water. If you have clean water damage the leaks typically come from sinks, broken pipes, water heaters, overflow of bathroom, kitchen, and utility sinks. This water normally comes from the sources of your drinking water. Even though drinking water is great for drinking, it’s not great when it’s soaking in your floors or ceilings. Though it’s considered clean water, it still has the ability to cause problems to the integrity of your home. 

Gray Water

Gray water damage is more harmful than clean water damage and rightfully so. Gray water is clean water that has been stagnant for an extended period of time; therefore, bacteria and other germs have been germinating. Gray water can come from a weather event, bathtubs/showers, washing machines, and dishwashers. This water contains more pathogens than clean water but less than black water. Any water damage should be taken with precaution; however, this type of water damage can be harmful so make sure you take extra precautions when dealing with it. 

Black Water

Black water damage is the most harmful of the three. This water damage is contaminated with sewage, fecal matter, and toxins. This water can come from severe weather like hurricanes, rivers/lakes, sewers, and other places with contaminated water. Take extreme caution with this type of water damage because it can be detrimental to your health. Mold and bacteria have the ability to grow rapidly thus, putting you and your home at risk. Make sure to call a professional right away. The cleanup process for black water damage is much more extreme than gray and clean damage. That’s why it’s important to call a professional and let them properly treat your home to ensure a safe removal of the contaminated water and to ensure a safe restoration of damage. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Monroe

Now that you have water damage, how does one clean it? First off, don’t clean it yourself. Cleaning any water damage, clean, gray, or black, by yourself can cause further damage if not treated correctly. Your best bet for any water damage is to call a professional to help restore your damage. Luckily, Restoration 1of Greater Charlotte has a 24/7 hour hotline to make certain your home is restored as soon as possible. A professional will come into your home to assess the damage. Then a process of drying, cleaning, and disinfection of the area will then occur. Any type of water damage has the capability to cause further damage and health problems. Make certain to call a professional regardless of the type of damage.