What Happens During A Fire Damage Cleanup?

fire damage cleanup charlotteFire damage is among the top reasons for property damage claims. Although most homes that catch fires don’t burn to the ground, even a small fire can cause a great deal of damage. If your home happens to catch on fire, you will likely have to experience the cleanup process as well. Understanding what restoration companies do to your home to bring it back may be beneficial to ease the anxieties that fire damage can bring. 

Fire Damage Cleanup – Charlotte

The fire damage cleanup process is a tedious and extensive one. Since fires bring all kinds of issues into the home, professionals want to ensure that your home is back to the way it was. 

Water Extraction And Structural Drying

Fire is not the only thing that damages your home when it breaks out in flames. To put the fire out, water is used, whether that be through sprinklers going off or firefighters using hoses to extinguish it. Because of that, professionals will begin the process by extracting all of the water to prevent further water damage and mold growth. Mold can pose huge threats to people, and the last thing you want is to combat mold problems on top of fire damage. Most fire damage experts are not only experienced in fire damage but also water damage and mold remediation to keep this from happening.

Debris And Soot Removal

Once everything is dry, professionals will begin tackling the fire damage at hand. Debris and soot that have accumulated from the fire will be removed, and demolition will begin on any walls or floors that cannot be restored. Only items in the home that have been irreparably damaged will be removed, and everything else will be restored if possible. 

Any parts of the home that haven’t been damaged by the fire may be affected by soot and smoke. Any soot inside the home will be removed and cleaned from surfaces. The odor of smoke will be mitigated and scrubbed from every surface before attempting repainting. 


After debris, soot, and water are completely removed from the home, the restoration process can begin. As stated earlier, any item that has the possibility of being restored will be. Professionals want to bring your home back to the way it was before disaster struck and will do everything in their power to do so. This will include rebuilding or replacing the roof, repairing the electrical system, repainting trim and walls, replacing the flooring, replacing counters and fixtures, and removing odors from the furniture. This is not the limit of restorations that can be done in your home. The property will be brought back to pre-loss conditions to make you feel safe and comfortable in your home. 

Call Professionals

Trying to tackle a large job like this on your own can be taxing and extremely stressful, especially with little to no experience. Restoration 1 can bring your home back to the way you remembered it pre-fire. They are qualified to go above and beyond to lift the stress of fire damage cleanup off your shoulders.