Swift Water Damage Cleanup – Understanding The Water Damage Timeline

water damage cleanup charlotteWater damage is a force that respects no boundaries, swiftly infiltrating homes and wreaking havoc. Although each water damage scenario is unique, one truth prevails: water damage progresses rapidly. The ability of water to seep into porous materials within minutes sets the stage for a cascade of destruction that intensifies with every passing moment. Regarding our homes, the urgency to address water damage swiftly cannot be overstated, as the longer it persists, the more extensive the cleanup becomes. 

Water Damage Cleanup Charlotte

Understanding the following water damage timeline will help prove just how important swift water damage cleanup truly is and give further insight into just how devastating prolonged water damage can be on your home and belongings.

The First Minutes Of Water Damage

From the instant water infiltrates unwanted spaces in your home, the damage begins. Porous materials greedily absorb water upon contact, leading to rapid saturation of said materials. Upholstery, carpets, wood, and rugs are swift to embrace moisture. Furniture finishes and colored textiles quickly release pigments, staining their surroundings. Precious paper possessions, like books, photos, documents, and artwork, face irreversible degradation if not promptly removed from the damaged area.

Within Hours Of Water Damage

In a few short hours, most materials reach their saturation threshold, triggering disintegration and breakdown. Drywall and sheetrock bloat and deteriorate under the influence of water. Wood components undergo swelling, warping, and color transformation, while metals tarnish, rust, and corrode.

48 Hours Of Water Damage

Within this time frame, mold becomes a formidable adversary, using the excess moisture to flourish. Mold spreads via microscopic spores, endangering not only the afflicted area but the entire home. Structurally compromised materials manifest cracks, warping, bending, and even signs of rot. Flooring, baseboards, and trim demand replacement at this point, as well as drywall and insulation – which will have reached an irreversible point of water damage.

A Week Of Water Damage

At the week mark, water damage escalates to the point of contamination, earning the grim label of ‘black water.’ Contact with water present for this duration of time poses severe health risks. Microbial growth proliferates, chipping away at the foundation of your home’s integrity. The majority of materials exposed to water must be discarded, resulting in extensive water damage cleanup. Because of the risks associated with black water and high contamination levels, water damage cleanup at this level should only be handled by trained and experienced professionals. 

Amidst these challenges of water damage, remember there is hope with a water damage cleanup team. Regardless of the duration of the water damage in your Charlotte home, the water damage cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte are ready to help. While prompt action is the ideal course, we are equipped to tackle water damage in all its forms. Be it a recent mishap or a prolonged unnoticed concern, our team stands ready to restore your home to its former glory with our professional water damage cleanup services.